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Top Financial Donors of 2014:
Jandel Juan Gonzales
Robert Rudolfo
The Rebstock Family
The Boeing Corporation
The Loomis Family
The Rimmer Family
The Kimball Family
Matthew King

Top Financial Donors of 2013:
Jandel Juan Gonzales of Pacific Rim Framing,CO.
Robert Rudolfo
The Boeing Corporation
The Loomis Family
The Rimmer Family
The Kimball Family
Matthew King  

Top Volunteers of 2013 
Eddy Rigotti
Deacon King
Robert Rudolfo

Click our school logo to see an informational video about our dynamic music and mentoring program! Thank you!   

The Hendrix Music Academy is a Not-for Profit Educational Charity, created by Jimi’s niece, that has been serving the At-risk youth of our communities, since October, 2009. 

The Mission of the Hendrix Music Academy is to provide Music education, intervention and mentoring programs to the musically gifted At-risk youth of our community, so that they may achieve their highest potential as musicians, leaders and global citizens. 

Our innovative music and mentoring programs encourage and develop good musicianship, citizenship and reduce juvenile delinquency, which in turn, reduces violence and crime in our communities.   

Some exciting accomplishments  are:  Each year, dozens of teens, from neighborhoods that are plagued with gang-violence, have received instruments, music scholarships and intervention services, throughout the entire school year, such as: guitar lessons, drum lessons, keyboard lessons, songwriting, music business, music production, pro-audio lessons, music performance, field trips, mentoring and more, without any costs to their families.

Since 2009 Hendrix Music Academy students have recorded over 500 original songs, right here in Renton!

The Hendrix Music Academy is a place that gives young people the opportunity to learn how to express themselves musically, in an educational and safe environment.  It is our belief that if we give the youth of our community a “voice,” we can reduce their participation in illegal activities and violence.  Youth will learn how to create and record their own musical expressions.  Youth participants will work as a team and learn important social skills while learning about music production in a professional recording studio.  

Target Population youth are At-risk youth that are:

*       High-school/G.E.D age (13-21)

*       Pursuing a high-school diploma, G.E.D., or college credits
*       Pursuing technical skills for employment

*       Pursuing employment

*      Wanting to participate in a long-term music program

At Hendrix Music Academy, we are a Not-for Profit Educational Charity, dedicated to helping youth who are in need.  We provide our services free of charge to the At-risk youth students and their families. We provide healthy meals during each class and musical instruments/equipment for our students.

*Scholarships are provided in part by Tina Hendrix, the Hendrix Music Academy, our volunteers, private donors, Boeing Employee Gift Match, and Jimi Hendrix fans who want to support a youth program in his name. Thank you so much for helping improve the lives of young people in our community!!!! 

Established in 2009

The Hendrix Music Academy was formed in 2009, by Tina Hendrix, the neice of rock legend, Jimi Hendrix, to improve the lives of At-risk Youth.

Tina Hendrix, President/Founder

Leon Hendrix, Director

Faith Hendrix, Director

Deacon King, Board Member

Dorletha James, Board Member

Meleah Hall, Secretary/Treasurer