Ancient Experience Organic Hemp-Infused Oils are superior in quality.

We only use organic ingredients that are considered to be “Ancient.” We use simple ingredients: Hemp, Coconut Oil & Olive Oil.

We only source from Local Farmers with extensive "Experience" in Hemp, Cannabis and Herb farming.

We only use the “Ancient Method” U.S. Patent Pending, to gently infuse the Hemp into the oils without loss of medicinal integrity. The result is high levels of Full Spectrum CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBG and many terpenes present in the Ancient Oil.

The Ancient Oil can be safely used by people of all ages as well as cats and dogs, too.

“10,000 Years Safe. Experience Matters.” TM
All of the Hemp, Plants and Herbs that we use in our infusions are grown in the “Ancient Way”; Grown outdoors on pristine acres of Organic Soil.

Our Organic Hemp comes from Herbivore Farms, LLC in Williams, Oregon. The Owner/Farmer, Jim Matthiessen, has been cultivating and producing Organic Outdoor Hemp and Cannabis for over 50 years!

“10,000 Years Safe. Experience Matters.” TM
Jim Matthiessen is also co-founder of Seattle Hempfest, and a Lifetime Hemp and Cannabis Activist.

The Hemp is Lab Tested in it’s raw form, and after we infuse the Hemp, the Ancient Oil is tested again to provide the conscious consumer with a list of all of the medicinal qualities present.
“10,000 Years Safe. Experience Matters.” TM